A fun way to capture and share the sounds around you

Rock out on your guitar, sing your favorite song, recite a poem, offer food for thought, and soapbox your opinions on current events. Experience 3-dimensional social media with AudioBitts, the app that combines sounds, visuals, and networking to create an unbiased global platform for sharing audio.


A Social Learning Experience

When it comes to social, we are leading with audio so you can listen to your friends and strangers alike for what they have to say and offer.

  • Record

    A technical feat is the microphone on your smartphone, use it now to record anything you want.

  • Play

    Experience the highest quality audio by tapping the Play button just like you would on your iPod.

  • Like

    Show your appreciation for your favorite audio clips and people around the globe.

  • Share

    Duplicate your experience for other users by hitting the Share button.

  • Comment

    Make the communication two-way by commenting and engaging with users.

  • Explore

    Find what your heart desires in the realm of unparalleled audio available only on AudioBitts.


Tabbed examples of benefits

Capture the audio of anything when you need it.


Search what you want without the trouble of recording it yourself.


Engage an audience for your sounds.


The more we share,
The more we have
- Leonard Nimoy

Set Up Your Profile

Make a profile that is visible to the public and shows them information about your interests and also your contact information for social networking.

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